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Welcome to the latest business news from Norway!

In this brief weekly newsletter we would like to tell you about our local activity and success stories here in Norway, while giving you a quick update on the Norwegian industry news, latest business opportunities and coming events. Feel free to follow us on twitter as well @AnttiMakikyro and @FinnishPartners.

Finnish Partners stories

One week behind in a new business and companies are already coming to meet potential partners in Norway before Easter. So it has been a very active start and we are keen to hear more from you that are seriously thinking of expanding in Norway. Norwegian companies are interested hearing about Finnish offering and we are happy to help here in the market.

We still get to read about layoffs and global industry recession in oil & gas industry, but in the same time some great news about new big contracts. Even oil price hitting the record high for this year so far and converting few oil fields profitable again. Seems like especially today oil sector companies are also going wild in stock exchange. Interactive map behind the link is actually interesting to follow, so keep that in mind as well when looking Norwegian oil and gas market. This is also an interesting time for corporate transactions in the market which are making companies even stronger for the future investments.

Another positive news is that unemployment rate has come down to 4,5% as well, so it means that other industries are now really able to recruit the great talent from offshore industry too. And not forgetting one of the biggest construction companies Veidekke ‘s economic report that the construction market keeps on growing in Norway.

These should be great points to start digging into the Norwegian market and coming to meet the potential clients in various industries. Remember that last week of March it`s the Easter holidays and Norwegians heading out to the mountains to enjoy skiing. In other words, don’t try to arrange meetings in the Easter weeks, but rather intend to do your networking in the mountains 🙂 Oslo has actually been very active lately with winter sports competitions so this could have been a great time to visit here. And people might be feeling happy as well after winning all these medals too…. Hope we get at least one this week in biathlon!

holmenkollenbiathlonI will be speaking at the Arctic Business Forum at Rovaniemi on the 6 of April which I am actually very excited about. This will be a great opportunity to hear about the latest business development in the Arctic Economy. We have got to hear about big investments in the North of Finland like Hanhikivi1 happening at Pyhäjoki and maybe biodiesel in Kemi, and I will be concentrating on the investments in Norway. These massive investments will be some great opportunities to build stronger subcontracting networks between Finland and Norway. Of course, at the same time not forgetting our other neighbours either.

These big projects should be seen as a great story for Finnish industry, and hopefully you`ll be hearing more about them in the news. As earlier expressed, I am always trying to bring some of these positive news at attention and get the interest and the business confidence up. I have to say that I’m proud of being part of such many great Finnish companies that are really doing so well in the International market, including Norway. So therefore, no need of telling about potential negative market news, instead I would like to inspire, challenge and prepare all of you for the success in the time to come. It`s undisputable fact that we always need to prepare ourselves mentally to make things happen and succeed in our life and business.

I will be staying in Finland for two weeks after the Easter 23.3-10.4 to both meet companies and hold a presentation on Business Opportunities in Norway at Arctic Business Forum. Therefore please let me know if you are around and we could meet up and do some planning for the Norwegian Market. There are many great people working between Finland and Norway. Our mission is to serve as a local business partner for Finnish companies in Norway, by providing timely and accurate market information, coordination and prospective matchmaking services.

Please find some latest business opportunities and news below and have a great week ahead!

Hot news of the week:

Some oil fields have become profitable again

Drilling Starts On Giant Johan Sverdrup

Veidekkes economic report: The construction market keeps on growing

Det Norske acquiring Noreco

Some oil fields profitable again – interesting interactive map to follow

Production in Norway on 2012 level

Oil price at its best for 2016 on Monday

Business Opportunities and the latest contracts from different industries:


New orders – updated order list on Norwegian Yards.

Now the fight for the rig for at least 4,8 billion kroners begins!

ABB wins contracts worth 160 million kroners

New rig contract for 10 years? Here`s your shot

BP-contract for Subsea 7

Orders for 24 new ships brings back former lay offs

Another rig job for CCB- winner Deepsea Stavanger- contract

Olympic secures new contracts

Expro secures subsea-deal with Statoil


Millions of servers vulnerable to new cyber attack

DAB digital radio- many available DAB-concessions

Neither 3G, 4G or 5G on Norwegian subways

Windpower-developers are going to spend 1-2 billion kroners on companies in central-Norway


Seltor builds for Tesla in Drammen

House prices up by 0.2 percent

Skanska builds High School in Trondheim

Veidekkes economic report: The construction market keeps on growing

Veidekke builds middle school on Jessheim

Consto builds the house project Parkodden on Strømmen

Huge bjørvika-contract for Veidekke

Peab landed contract for 305 million kroners

Evensen og Evensen continue to build in Fagstadlia on Lillehammer

COWI won technical construction-management near Campus Ås

Multiconsult won contract in Papua Ny-Guinea

Implenia lowest when it comes to big road projects


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