Antti Mäkikyrö Receives The Norwegian King’s Order of Merit

June 6, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Finnish Partners is delighted that its founder Antti Mäkikyrö today was awarded The King’s Order of Merit. Mäkikyrö received the award for his efforts in building business relations between Norway and Finland.

His Majesty the King of Norway made the award in recognition of Mäkikyrö’s efforts in the creation and building of business relations between Norwegian and Finnish companies. As Head of business affairs at Finpro in Oslo, Norway, Mäkikyrö has also acted as an Norwegian investment facilitator towards Finland.

The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit (Norwegian, Den Kongelige Norske Fortjenstorden) was instituted by King Olav V of Norway in 1985. It is awarded to foreigners, Norwegian citizens living abroad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomats, foreign civil servants in Norway, and Norway’s honorary consuls for “outstanding service in the interests of Norway”.

Knight Antti Mäkikyrö has long been associated with the Finnish industry in Norway. He served as a attachè from march 2012 until February 2016, when he decided to leave and establish Finnish Partners company together with Fatmir Bratli Nikqi.

The Norwegain Ambassador to Finland, Mr. Åge B. Grutle, said:

“During his long service as a Attache at the Finnish Embassy in Norway, Antti Mäkikyrö oversaw many important business introductions between Norwegian and Finnish industry. Over the past years Mäkikyrö has continued to further develop collaborations between our two countries, across sectors.”

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Finnish Partners AS, Mr. Fatmir Nikqi, said:

“Antti Mäkikyrö has unique capacities to connect and develop relationships between people and businesses. This reward is a tremendous acknowledgment of his efforts and talent, as well as to the Finnish and Norwegian companies who have increased their collaboration for the last 6 years. Mäkikyrö’s efforts have laid the ground for these companies to explore new business opportunities, and the first quarter of this year the export towards Norway from Finland have increased with more than 10%”.

Finnish Partners AS assists and serves as a local business partner for Finnish companies in Norway in sectors such as Technology and digitalisation, Offshore/ Maritime and Construction, in addition facilitating Norwegian investments towards Finland.


For further information please contact Finnish Partners AS,

Fatmir Nikqi  +47 45 05 53 53

Antti Mäkikyrö  +47 404 69 657 /  +358 40 509 2955