Booming construction industry and interesting ONS coming up

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Welcome to the latest business news from Norway!

In this brief weekly newsletter we would like to tell you about our local activity and success stories here in Norway, while giving you a quick update on the Norwegian industry news, latest business opportunities and coming events. Feel free to follow us on twitter as well @AnttiMakikyro and @FinnishPartners.

The Royal Family is waving to thousands of people during the national day in Norway. People are looking very nice in heir national costumes.

The Royal Family is waving to thousands of people during the national day in Norway. People are looking very nice in heir national costumes.

Finnish Partners stories

Last two months have been flying with many clients visiting in Norway and different national holidays during this time. I still have to say though that 17.mai (Norwegian National Day) is a fantastic celebration and you should experience it at least once. Maybe not too much business done on that day, but you get to see many happy Norwegians.

The industry is not maybe smiling everyday here but is very interesting. Construction industry is doing very well and especially companies within infrastructure are living their prime times. Offshore and maritime industry might be the more unsecure one but we still get news about big contracts everyday. So just remember to book your trip to ONS  the soonest if haven’t done so. Hotels are impossible to get at this time so I would suggest using AirBnB or the booking through ONS administration. They have been usually very good at getting an accommodation for visitors.

Offshore industry has seen some interesting transactions during last months and this definitely means that companies are becoming stronger for the future market development. We have to remember that the projects are very large as well and contracts are worth of billions of kronors. Talking to the industry here it seems quite challenging situation with potential projects and opportunities. Either they are thinking about laying off people…. Or in the same time they need to recruit if they are getting even one project. And many of them are same time bidding for several projects. So many projects are happening and someone will be getting them. That’s why it is important to spend time on the market and get to know those companies.

Therefore ONS will be very exciting this year. Either we are seeing a bit more quiet exhibition or there will be many new announcements from the market. Remember also that there is Offshore Technology days in Bergen in October and again Norshipping exhibition in Oslo in May. Great opportunities to meet with companies.

Subcontractors are very big and important part of the projects in Norway. Without good suppliers the companies would not be successful here and therefore they are looking for new good partners all the time.

Subcontractors are very big and important part of the projects in Norway. Without good suppliers the companies would not be successful here and therefore they are looking for new good partners all the time.

Construction industry in other hand is really booming. You might have read some news that Norwegian projects are giving work for Finnish laid off workers. So this was definitely great news for Ruukki employees, but same time the construction industry is looking for new subcontractors all the time. Finnish Partners were recruiting interior suppliers for AF Gruppen’s mega projects regarding a new national museum, Munch museum and Deichmanske library. These projects are so big that they wanted to invite all subcontractors to present themselves in their supplier day. We got four companies from Finland but didn’t like to see that other countries were highly more present. So we have to work on this and get Finnish companies to understand the potential here.

Infrastructure investments are sky high here and according to the new national transportation plan some €100 billion will be invested until 2029. I was talking about these opportunities in Finpro’s   Intelligent Transportation systems and Mobility as a service day in Helsinki and you can find the presentations here.

At the moment Finnish Partners are heavily involved in construction projects, shipbuilding, offshore projects, different technologies (specially health tech) and looking for new companies to be presented into those projects in Norway.

You know you are an tourist during the national day when not wearing the bunad (national costume)

You know you are a tourist during the national day when not wearing the bunad (national costume)

So let me know if you have any questions regarding upcoming ONS or any other projects in the market. The month of July will be a bit more quiet in Norway as well as it is in Finland. I am most likely visiting the eastern part of Finland at the end of June and visiting companies there. Please find many interesting projects from below links as well!

Enjoy the sunny days!












Overview of the latest news in different sectors:

Offshore and Maritime

New orders – updated order list on Norwegian Yards.

Oceaneering AS gets a framework agreement with Statoil for subsea maintenance

4Subsea extends their contract with Statoil

DOF Subsea secures more work for Skandi Achiever

Karsten Moholt signs contract with Det norske

Contract for new types of cranes for PALFINGER MARINE Offshore Cranes

TCO is awarded a framework agreement from Wintershall

Novenco delivers HVAC-equipment to Martin Linge FSO

GE Oil & Gas is awarded a long-term deal on Sverdrup

Rosenberg awarded contract worth 600 million kroners from Sverdrup

Maritime Partner will launch their first catamaran

Two new contracts for Havila Shipping

Wood Group given a service contract with Statoil

Technip delivers umbilicals to Oseberg

Bartec Technor gets a contract with IKM Haaland

New walkway contract for Uptime

Six different companies are given drilling contracts with Wintershall

Sverdrup contract for Fjellstrand

Safetec wins framework contract with Det norske

Vex Gruppen Rekruttering og Bemanning wins a new contract

Håland Instrumentering check out Det norskes torch measures

Fiskerstrand builds a new environmental ferry

AGR has signed a framework contract for consulting services with Det norske

Aibel AS and Reach Subsea come to an agreement about working together

CCB Mongstad wins contract with Wintershall

Sotra Contracting secure a contract with Apply Sørco

This is Subsea 7s mystical customer

Siem Offshore buys Canadian company

New contract for Karsten Moholt

Kværner, Technip and Fluor are in the race for building the british FPSO

Origo Solutions wins contract with Hywind

Njord will be upgraded at Stord

Halliburton gets a huge contract with Wintershall

Egersund Trål secures contract with NOFO

Contract worth a billion kroners for Vard

Many new contract deals for Emas Offshore

Xodus is given a study contract with Lundin Norway

Westcon enter a subsea contract with Statoil

Maersk Training is handed a contract from Statoil for a drilling simulation program

Eureka get a framework contract with Det norske

Statoil gives a framework contract to Mjørud

Northern sea contract for Bibby Offshore

Three year contracts for Acona, Bjellcon and MDE

CCB get a new subsea contract with Statoil

German company secure a new contract with Statoil worth around a billion kronersSub Sea Services is given a new contract

Glassfiber Produkter is given a contract to deliver protection for subsea structures

Wood Group secure four new contracts with Statoil


The online store Komplett becomes a mobile operator

Norway is working for more mobile broadband

Every year they increase their income by 30 million kroners

eSmart Systems wants to hire 30 people and double their turnover from last year

In the future facades will be packed with technology

NTBs new robot

This is how much a Norwegian developer earns in Oslo

Teknisk ukeblad is this years best niche website

Lenovo begin server production in Europe

Lynet sold to Broadnet for an unknown price

Norways minister of culture wants a Nordic gathering against IT-giants


Veidekke builds housing for Neptune Properties in Oslo

Svevia continues to work with Mosjøen

Åsane Byggmesterforretning builds a new school in Kleppestø

AF Group modernizes and expands student dorms in Oslo

AF Group builds for Statsbygg at Campus Ås

Strøm Gundersen builds Søndre Bondi Terasse in Asker

Anlegg Øst secured Jerbaneverket contract

Norwegian railroad company got the Alnabru contract

Betonmast builds for BOB Eiendomsutvikling

Statnett signs two new lucrative contracts

AF Gruppen builds a new care center in Etne

Statens Vegvesen signs a new contract with Svevia Norge, they continue cleaning up the roads at Helgeland

Seltor builds 149 new apartments

Busengdal will traffic secure Tresfjorden

GK signed a framework contract with Forsvarsbygg

Vegvesenet signed a contract with both Mesta and Traftec

LNS will build the Djupvik passing tracks on the Ofotbane

Veidekke is going to build the structural work on the new Munch museum

CURA-gruppen eye out new hospitals in Tønsberg

Maxbo and Backe have become partners by signing a supply agreement

Statens Vegvesen has signed an operating contract with Opedal Drift AS

Danish steel supplier goes big in Norway

Risa will rebuild the E39 Kirkehei- tunnel

Lemminkäinen is given a big contract from Implenia

Betonmast is building for Primahus Bolig in Trondheim

Statens Vegvesen signed a contract with Strabag AG

Consto builds Slemmestad Shopping park

Betonmast is building for the rescue company

Veidekke expand High school on Stjørdal

EVR-Norge builds new health park in Moss

LAB entreprenør builds the housing project Elsesro Brygge in Bergen

Team Bygg entrepreneur business signs a contract for 151 million kroners

Bravida will install and have service at their charging stations

Negotiating in overtime for a solution for the E18 tangle

Betonmast signed a contract at Ytre Enebakk school

Rambøll Water has a framework agreement with VEAS

New big contract for Seimenn

Betonmast builds Nyhavn Brygge in Bergen

Peab is going to upgrade Tåsentunnelen in Oslo

Skanska, Peab and NCC choose Blåkläder-anska, Peab and NCC choose Blå  Bergenith Statoil



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