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 Where real innovation happens  in a 3D virtual reality immersive room

Virtual reality

Utilize our innovative 3D Cave technology setup to bring your collaborative project to life, while saving time and resources.


Think outside of the box. You can now showcase your product/service using state-of-the-art VR technology that will create a lasting impression for your clients


Showcase your project or product in our 3D immersive room that will help increase your sales revenue.

Office space

Gain access to our exclusive office space by becoming a member of our partner, Startup Campus.


Join our scheduled workshops and events to learn more about how your business can thrive.


Arrange your meetings with your clients at our The Startup Campus center and reveal your project in a unique and forward thinking way.


Bring all of your projects to the table and allow your team to collaborate in a BIM virtual reality project studio at our premises in the center of Oslo. Save time and money by avoiding project errors and leave no room for failures with our VR project studio.  We are the first center to offer the latest in technology of BIM virtual projecting tools.  We help to organize your entire event and offer facilities for your workshop on all sectors and industries. Don’t wait, reserve your time while you can!

Meet The Team

We are a team of creative and diverse people with over 20 years of international business and management experience throughout Norway, Finland, and other parts of Europe.  We bring in the right business opportunities by providing our clients with efficient collaboration tools and services between industries across borders.  We are ready to serve and help your business grow!

Fatmir Bratli Nikqi - Managing Partner Norway
Antti Mäkikyrö - Managing Partner Finland

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