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Collaborating with Finnish Partners

 …is like having your own team of business development capabilities who Discover, Approach and Follow up potential clients in one place, where you can harvest on all these benefits with minimum of resources spent.


As professionals, we are committed to taking care of and understanding your objectives, proposing clear strategies that stretch your resources, and delivering the appropriate mechanisms to achieve a positive impact in business creation. 


Explore on supporting you with advice on strategic business development.

Business representative

Our associated consultants today act as local business representatives for Finnish companies who are responsible for local business opportunities.

Business strategy

To date, we have assisted several companies in establishing their operations across Norway.  

Local Knowledge

All our consultants are selected based on their experience and knowledge of local offshore, construction and Technology industry amongst other. 

Local Business

Capabilities in local business environments and culture, local language ability and for having professional networks and relationships in the industry and with the authorities.

We can help you to


Promote your innovative products and technologies


Find potential partners through business-oriented events and company missions.

Market research

Find clients and co-operation partners for your products and services