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Our primary objective is to offer business development and management services that will increase company value for our clients

Explore and detect market opportunities in Norway and Finland

Discover and connect with new potential clients and co-operation partners

Promote your innovative products and technologies through business-oriented events and company missions

Cross border transactions and investment opportunities

Market research, including interviews with potential clients and business opportunities

Local business management & representative for hire.


  • Our network of consultants have dedicated years of experience and knowledge in various industries including Technology, Offshore, Maritime and Construction.
  • We have our hands in local business environments and culture, knowledge of local languages, professional networks and relationships in the industry, as well as critical network with local authorities. 
  • Over the last few years, our network has assisted several businesses in establishing their operations and successes across Norway and Finland. 
  • As professionals, we are committed to understanding our client’s objectives and we take the time to ensure that you are always in good hands.  We propose clear strategies that will maximize your resource efficiency, and we will deliver the appropriate mechanisms necessary to achieve a lasting collaboration with our clients.

If your company have a forward-thinking agenda, we look forward to working with you to grow and expand your business.