Amazing case scenarios were presented at the Business Seminar on the 6th of April in Oslo

April 21, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Oulu Business Seminar that found place at the Finnish Embassy in Oslo on 6th of April, was the first seminar that was arranged by Finnish Partners and Business Oulu.
IMG_4028 (1) Janne Siltari, CEO at Grant4Com during his presentation at the Finnish Embassy.
We would like to share the good news of the successful seminar with great interest, concrete projects and potential clients for Grant4com, Haltian and Verkotan.
We got many positive feedbacks from the attendees on the event itself, and especially on the case scenarios that were presented  by all three Finnish companies from Oulu were highly appreciated too.
We were all impressed with the competence and knowledge about wireless technology / Internet of things (IoT), testing cases and concrete products that were presented at the seminar.
Did you know by the way that Haltian has developed, first of it`s kind, two ways communication tracking device for kids « Snowfox» that has the integrated Sim card in the unit? The «Snowfox» product will hit the international market by summer this year, and we all look forward to hear about the good stories from it.

The Haltian`s SNOWFOX

In addition to companies from Oulu, we had also speakers from who presented their case on the product development that was assisted by Grant4Com and Haltian in their productization phase. We even had a great pleasure of welcoming a business developer from Kongsberg Innovation that was invited to present their ongoing projects and potentially establish collaboration with Grant4com, Haltian and Verkotan.  We have now been invited to visit Kongsberg Innovation and present other Finnish technology partners in near future. We look forward to it…
Finnish Partners Team