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Welcome to the latest business news from Norway!

In this brief weekly newsletter we would like to tell you about our local activity and success stories here in Norway, while giving you a quick update on the Norwegian industry news, latest business opportunities and coming events. Feel free to follow us on twitter as well @AnttiMakikyro and @FinnishPartners.

Finnish Partners stories


His Majesty the King of Norway visited Nokia’s factory in Oulu where a few technology companies were showcasing their solutions.

His Majesty the King of Norway was visiting in Finland last week and finally Finland, with our great knowhow, got some great visibility in Norway. Although many visits and meetings were concentrating on health technology and gaming industry, the Finnish high technology definitely became noticed. High technology equals the quality in many cases and this is what we want to take forward in Norway as well.

I think we just have to learn to sell the quality and solutions better way. Often the quality solutions sound more expensive in first hand but usually it offers many cost savings in long run. This is something that we are working with in our everyday business and explaining to Norwegian industry how they can benefit working with quality Finnish companies.

This autumn has also been very exciting in that front with visits to different exhibitions like Nor-Fishing in Trondheim, ONS in Stavanger and seminars around digitalization of the industry and arctic business. Of course not to forget many exciting project meetings in Norway and even more interesting meetings with Finnish companies that we have great pleasure to work with.


Finnish maritime and offshore stand at the ONS were busy during the exhibition. Good to see many Finnish companies attending again.

Construction industry is currently so interesting in Norway that companies are looking for potential partners all the time. House and apartment prices are very high at the moment but this is only for the reason that too few homes are being built. We have discussed about €100 billion infra investments before but now housing market is also interesting going forward. None the less some big projects like Jordal Amfi icehockey arena in Oslo where we have been recently trying to find suppliers from Finland.


The Jordal Amfi hockey rink in Oslo was built for the 1952 winter Olympics and will be taken down. We are looking for subcontractors to the new arena project.


Finnish Partners companies meeting with Exxon Mobil during the ONS

After visits to Nor-Fishing and ONS exhibitions I can see that the offshore and maritime industry have seen good developments for the bright future too. Currently no offshore vessels are being built but yards are busy with fishing vessels and also getting some very big cruise ship contracts. Even that we are happy about the order amount in Turku yard in Finland, so the timing is perfect to look towards Norwegian yards as well for the future cowork. Good news from offshore industry is that new technologies and smaller companies are getting contracts as well. These companies are more agile in today’s business but in need of reliable partners to be successful.


Kongsberg’s new digital division will be very interesting. Today they work from deep sea to the space and have some interesting information to share in the future as well.

And not to forget the technology and the word DIGITALISATION! Everyone is talking about digitalisation but it is not only a nice word. This is a reality in many businesses and as an example Kongsberg Group have started a new division Kongsberg Digital. This massive amount of information available and getting machines and products connected is something that we are interested talking to Norwegian industry as well.


The arctic area have 197 billion euros of investments in the near future. This is a high potential for us!

All in all, things are looking very interesting in Norway at the moment! Even though the next two weeks might be quite exciting for us Finns with Ice Hockey World Cup J I might be a lucky one to see some games live in Toronto. But let’s not forget the business because the weeks after will be quite extensive in project meetings in Norway and at the subcontracting fair in Tampere and at the Industry Summit in Oulu before Offshore Technology days again in Bergen.

Hope to see many of you in these events and discuss about the opportunities in Norway.


The ONS fireworks are always spectacular! Remember also the Offshore technology days in Bergen in October and Norshipping in Oslo at the end of May

Overview of the latest news and contracts in different sectors:

Offshore and Maritime

New orders – updated order list on Norwegian Yards.

Det norske contract to AGR

Sevan Marine has been commissioned to create an evaluation study

Frontica ensures MHWirth contract worth 750 million

Siemens awarded Njord contract

Aker Solutions wins Utgard-contract worth half a billion

Now this rig also leaves Norway

Oil Service: Notifies a new round of layoffs

Kjos: We notice a clear effect of brexit

New deal for AF Gruppen

Aker Solutions gets Statoil contract

Hurtigruten builds hybrid ships

Westcon is going to build fishing boats again

Simek secured its largest contract ever

Omega assigned new Technip contract

Head Energy AS has been allocated extension of its framework contract with Technip Norway AS

Necon extends framework contract with Technip

IKM Consultants extends contract with Technip

EVP in DNB thinks banks, shareholders and bonds must succumb in order to get the companies in the offshore service vessels and rigs through the downturn

New construction for LetSea

Wah Seong awarded Sverdrup contract from Statoil

Nexans secures contract worth 187 million “down under”

SFF gets contract worth 70-80 million with Rosenberg

Claxton awarded Statoil contract Huldra

Maersk Drilling regains Maersk Valiant a year early

Mento awarded a framework contract by ENGIE

Statoil renews with SAR

Aker Solutions wins contract in Vietnam

GC Rieber has a new mission

Large Order for Vard Electro

TCO got renewed Statoil confidence

Rowan Viking awarded new contract with Lundin

Ramboll secures Statoil contract

Statoil provides major contract to small Rogaland company

Statoil offers to cut their own rates

Altus Intervention ensures billion agreement with Statoil

JWS renewed contract with Statoil

Kleven and Hurtigruten celebrated billion contract today

Align awarded modification agreement with Wintershall

Det norske contracts for DNV GL

Fabricom awarded V & M deal with Wintershall

Robotic Drilling Systems has sold its first robot

Wintershall contract to Head Energy

Major contract for IKM Testing: – We hope for a value between 1 and 2 billion

Centrica contract to Schlumberger         

Norsafe will deliver complete lifeboat systems for 15 new vessels

Well Connection has been awarded three new framework agreements

Det norske deal for Proctima

ASA has awarded Karsten Moholt AS with a framework agreement

Big mooring contract for Rolls-Royce

eVision Industry Software and Statoil have become partners

ASCO Norway has awarded SAR with a new contract

Autek has signed a framework agreement with Statoil

Kværner moves big Sverdrup-job home

Sverdrup contract for GMC

Austrians are bidding on the TTS Group

Brexit will most likely not affect the Norwegian economy in a big way



Gaming Innovation Secures Agreement

Update from Opera

Norwegian Link Pulse has been sold – Now the international growth can continue

SAS gets faster flight broadband

Swedish IT company swoops up another Norwegian operating environment

CCIS director Sofie thinks Norway is going to be the most stable IT nation within a few years

 Statoil is now the largest owner of Arctic tundra oil in Russia


With this technology, we can multiply the value of natural gas

Moore’s law will survive even when transistors can no longer be shrunk

Opera is silent while “drop dead” date is about to run out

Nav buys computer equipment and services for up to 300 million from Atea

Evry CEO: – Norwegian IT industry is facing a very exciting period

The code Svein-Tore  has written is approaching 155,000 lines, but is far from finished

Customers have had enough of Ice after introduction of new system

Unemployment goes down – but not among engineers

Microsoft has found new Norway boss

Customers are struggling to get into their bank account

Fedem have got their workers back to work

Access to Norwegian compromised servers are sold for small amounts



Solid selected Ø.M.Fjeld to build the new building project in Jessheim

Solvik-Olsen sent the third New Roads contract out on the market

Aventa delivers solar driven heating system Bjørkelangen school

AF Gruppen get Bekkelaget job

Risa signed for tunnel upgrade

Powerful bankruptcy growth in August

Will triple the number of homes on Skøyen

3T wants to build hospitals and industrial park in Trondheim

Sharp decline in available construction jobs

Billion investment in Lower Otta plants

Twelve bankruptcies in week 31

Vegvesenet restrictive to lay off to contractors

Explosive housing inflation worries

OBOS bought shares for 850 million in Swedish housing giant

Rejlers wins framework agreement with Statnett

NCC builds new Harstad school

ABB won million contract with Statnett

Veidekke prepared new Horten secondary

Backe Trondheim to build Hommelvik middle school

AF Gruppen won Deichmanske contract

Øveraasen supply equipment for half a billion

Norconsult projects Trøndelags new health institute

Infranord builds out speed monitoring on the Main Line

AF Group will rectify tunnels in Rauma

AF builds wastewater treatment plant in Malmo

Siemens automates buildings on Campus Ås

Veidekke to build more homes for Neptune in Oslo

Major contract for Betonmast

Multiconsult won agreement with Statnett

Betonmast build 21 apartments in Brumunddal

Vasto Construction AS pedestrian and cycle path in Sande municipality

M2 Construction builds 23 new Skedsmo apartments

Skanska builds new Skien high school

Veidekke to build flats on Straume Bergen

Veidekke to build new Revetal school in Re

Betonmast has signed PPP contract with Nesodden Municipality

Alento builds Visma premises in Tønsberg

Backe Stor-Oslo develops Eiksmarka Centre

Skanska builds new Orkla headquarters

Veidekke to build financial park in Stavanger

HENT builds Nannestad middle school

Signed contracts for technical subjects on Deichman project

Peab builds Sjursåkeren housing project in Alesund

These will build new energy plant to the fighter base

Lambertseter multipurpose hall will become the first fossil-free construction site

AF Group expands in Thurmannskogen

Skanska builds E16 Bagn-Bjørgo

HENT builds shelter

Veidekke to build large for Selvaag Bolig and Ferd

Consto builds Holmenhagen for Stor-Oslo Eiendom

AF Group builds 84 new apartments on Hasle

Torpol won National Rail contract

Gausdal Bruvoll builds new factory

Veidekke gets a billion kroner contract in Stockholm

HENT builds a new hospital in Upper Romerike

AF wins tunnel contract in Rauma

Sweco want Tine contract

Backe Northwest builds officers quarters in Ørland

Electrical Contract for six E18 tunnels in Vestfold

AF Group and Mur Direkte signed Campus Ås contracts

Teknobygg will build 82 apartments in Trondheim

Autodesk and Trimble sign agreement

LAB expand Lagunen

Three consultants signed Ringeriksbanen and E16

Veidekke to build student housing in Drammen

Oslo skaters get  a brand new skate hall

Constructa will renovate large Bergen hotel

Ølen Betong will deliver over 5,000 tunnel elements to Eastern Norway


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