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Antti mäkikyrö

Antti Mäkikyrö is the co-founder of the Finnish Partners AS, established in 2016. Antti has international business experience from several sectors and industries.

 Antti has been awarded the Norwegian King`s order of merit in 2017.

Antti speaks Finnish, English, Norwegian and Swedish.

Phone NORWAY:  +47 40 46 96 57

Phone FINLAND:  +358 40 509 2955

Email: am(at)

Linkedin:   Profile       Twitter: @anttimakikyro

Fatmir Nikqi

Fatmir Nikqi is the co-founder, chairman  and managing partner of the Finnish Partners AS, established in 2016. Fatmir has more than 20 years of international business management experience in several sectors and industries.

Fatmir speaks English, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.

Phone:  +47 45 05 53 53

Email: fn(at)

Linkedin:  Profile           Twitter: @finnishpartners

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