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By becoming part of the Finnish Partners Cluster network, you will gain access to a vast list of business opportunities and a quicker ROI in your market entry strategy


Primary objective is to offer efficient business development and management services to create values for our clients.


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About Us

Finnish Partners is an effective consulting company assisting companies within offshore, construction and Technology industries by facilitating opportunities to key clients and providing market information to its partners.

local business presence

The process of contacting a prospect can be overwhelming, expensive and time consuming. Our consultants visit potential clients on a regular basis and do follow ups continuously. In this way we keep both you and potential clients informed on the development process, in addition you save a lot of resources and will not miss a potential opportunity. Besides, when becoming a Finnish Partner member your company will automatically get a local business address at our company premises (relevant for companies who focus towards Norway), if needed. Show your clients that you mean serious business becoming locally present.

research & information

With our extensive network of local associated consultants and a range of business partners across, Finnish Partners offers a thorough knowledge of important industries of interest. Our partners gain access to cutting-edge market information from all our prioritized segments and industries. Our local consultants will meet with potential clients on regularly basis and do a presentation of Finnish Partners clients. In this way you are always part of the potential project in the market. The consultant will keep you updated with client meeting reports on monthly bases.

seminars / events

We facilitate seminars,  events and or workshops where our partners get the opportunity to expose their capabilities and technologies to major companies and main contractors.

networking & meetings

When a client wants to meet with your company, we are delighted to arrange a meeting with you and the client at our local premises where all facilities and presentations are arranged and prepared. <!

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