Miljardi projekteihin etsitään sisustus alihankkijoita

April 12, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Yksi isoimmista rakennusliikkeistä Norjassa etsii sisustus alihankkijoita kolmeen julkiseen jättiprojektiin Norjassa. Lue lisää..

Alla löytyy projekteista ja kategorioista lisätietoa Englanniksi. Mielellämme viemme teidät mukaan näihin projekteihin!

AF Gruppen is searching for the best suppliers and subcontractors to win and execute interior works on several monumental and very large projects in Oslo, Norway.

AF Gruppen would like to have maximum three (3) suppliers within each of the the following eight (8) categories:  All categories can be produced and installed, or just delivered (installation by AF)

1)              Interior walls, interior surfaces including windows..

2)              Folding walls.

3)              Wooden floors.

4)              Raised access floors.

5)              Acoustic and special ceilings.

6)              Special design interiors.

7)              Furniture and special interiors.

8)             Metal works, interior panels and railings.

It is expected that the right candidate(s) have to fulfill following “requirements”:

  • Credit rating should be “A” or better.
  • The company should have sufficient “financial muscle” to be able to handle a large scale project.
  • It will be possible to just deliver materials. If the company wish to also perform installation in Norway, a minimum of 10 people who are able to be in Norway throughout the installation phase is required.
  • Language. Most documentation and drawings will only be available in Norwegian. Documentation is structured in a way where it is not feasible to translate – and the right candidate must find a way to cope with that. Clarifications and project discussions can be made in English.
  • These major projects often have an interaction phase (up to 8-12 months long) where client, main contractor (AF) and the chosen supplier optimize the project delivery. During this time, the candidate must be prepared to have an English speaking representative permanently stationed in Oslo.
  • There will be very strict demands for documentation: All products shall be marked with origin. It should be documented that no hazardous paints has been used. Etc.
  • Everyone working in the project will be controlled several times to ensure that all Norwegian laws and regulations are complied with. Supplier must be able to understand and comply with all Norwegian regulations for performing works on a Norwegian construction site. This includes worker contracts, payment slips, bank transfer, Norwegian HSE (ID)-card etc.

If you would like to have more information about AF Gruppen and the projects in question, please contact Finnish Partners or even get in direct contact with AF Gruppen.

It is expected that each company should send us their company presentation . This should include a list of relevant references. Kindly also present so it is very clear which of the 8 categories listed  above you are interested in.

For us and AF Gruppen to be able to arrange the “Introduction Day” mentioned in the presentation in time for the first project, we kindly ask that we receive your request before Wednesday, April 20th. More details on the actual works to be performed will be provided during this session.

Feel free to revert with any questions you might have.

Finnish Partners on behalf of AF Gruppen