Secret mega projects happening in Norway?

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Welcome to the latest business news from Norway!

In this brief weekly newsletter we would like to tell you about our local activity and success stories here in Norway, while giving you a quick update on the Norwegian industry news, latest business opportunities and coming events. Feel free to follow us on twitter as well @AnttiMakikyro and @FinnishPartners.


Antti Mäkikyrö – Finnish Partners, presenting Norwegian business opportunities at the Arctic Business Forum, Rovaniemi, Finland. 

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While we have been talking about the oil price so often in these newsletter, so I really want to share some news about many big projects in Norway. These are of course not secrets but maybe great news are sometimes hiding behind the negative news.

Mega projects in Oslo have been creating a lot of interesting work for us lately and in the same time many other interesting things are happening in Norwegian market too. Large projects like «The New library», «Munch museum» and «National museum» are all in a process of asking for interior supplies and subcontracting at aproximately NOK 1 billion, so these should be definitely interesting to many Finnish suppliers as well. Norwegians appreciate high quality products and ask only for the best, something we Fins are very well known for to design, make and deliver to the market. So, what are you waiting for?

Construction industry in Norway is doing really strong at the moment and is expected to grow around 8% from last year to over NOK 100 billion. While infrastructure construction will be the highest ever this year with 50% growth from 2010. Even more positive sign is that the whole construction industry is expected to grow in next coming years. Therefor I would like to underline that Norway is definitely an interesting market to expand for many years to come!

While construction industry is going strong, we notice also that few other industries in Norway are facing some few challenges, especially when purchasing supplies from abroad and having to pay with currently low Norwegian (NOK) currency. Like with every other negative story, this one has an upside as well. Norwegian export has been benefitting (excluding the oil & gas prices though) and the travel industry was maybe one of the biggest winners. Norway ski resorts were not so expensive anymore and many tourists came to check out the great slopes here.

Someone’s lose is others win as we say, and this has been interesting in Norway now. I already touched on the oil & gas subject there a bit and this is of course a big discussion in the market at all time. Unfortunately, many lay offs are still the current weekly activity in the industry but in the same time this situation opens up many new opportunities for new technologies too. As an example Statoil finding a new cost effective subsea solution.

HurtigrutenAnother one very exciting news is about the yard industry in Norway. Hurtigruten is making the biggest ever investment (picture Hurtigruten) in new ships which are being built in Norway! Fins should definitely look out for opportunities here… aren`t we a great shipbuilding industry nation too? Finnish companies can deliver many inventory products to all these ships…

In general we see that even the offshore industry is announcing big contracts all the time, so definitely many exciting projects going in the market.

IMG_4028 (1)

Finnish Partners have also had an exciting month after the Easter. We have met many Norwegian buyers regarding construction projects and still looking for many great companies from Finland to join us. Meanwhile in oil&gas and maritime industry we would like to present the Finnish quality and capacity for the ongoing and future projects.

And at last, but not at least, not forgetting our Finnish technology companies from Oulu that had a great event in Oslo meeting with potential clients and their projects. (Picture above: Janne Siltari, CEO at Grant4Com during his presentation at the Finnish Embassy.)

I would like to use this opportunity to also say THANK YOU to Rovaniemi and the chamber of commerce there for organizing a great Arctic Business Forum which I had a pleasure to be speaking about Norwegian current investments.

As a conclusion for this weeks activities, we can definitely state that there are massive opportunities happening in the north and mega size projects in both Norway and Finland.

Have a great weekend!


Overview of the latest news in different sectors:

Offshore and Maritime:

Hurtigruten making the biggest investment!

Double contract for DOF

Kværner upgrades their Njord-platform

Olympic secure new contract

DNV GL verify Sverdrup for 60 million kroners   

Farstad secure themselves one and a half years with work

Polarsyssel expand their deal with Sysselmannen

Island offshore enter contract deals worthy of around 100 million kroners

Archer secure five year contract with ConocoPhilips

Songa contract for Oss-nor and Asco

Tess get a deal with Det norske

Torgy secure a new contract on Johan Sverdrup

BP extend contract with Asco

New orders – updated order list on Norwegian Yards.


Vegvesenet has wasted 2 billion kroners

Norways “unknown” IT success buys American start up

Operafounders new web browser ready for launch

Plans for a new version for the web accelerator Varnish Cache are under way

Increase of the digitalization pace



NOK 40 billion worth of investments only in Oslo region

Betonmast is building on Gran

Skanska Husfabrikken is going to build a health home in Tromsø

Veidekke is building Sjøholt school in Ørskog

The tunnel going through Hartadåsen is being built by Aldesa

Peab builds new kindergarten in Borre

Block Berge Bygg is building a gigantic wooden building

Implenia given big contract on the E134

Veidekke is building the worlds most northern placed BREEAM building

Veidekke is going to build a new terminal for Posten and Bring in Narvik

Betonmast is building a new office building for Realinvest in Trondheim

AF Gruppen is continuing building on the Thurmannskogen

HENT builds the new mountain elevator in Holmestrand

Consto contracts for 455 million kroners in Trøndelag

Mesta signed new Grenlands contract


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