Suppliers needed in the Construction industry

March 18, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Welcome to the latest business news from Norway!

In this brief weekly newsletter we would like to tell you about our local activity and success stories here in Norway, while giving you a quick update on the Norwegian industry news, latest business opportunities and coming events. Feel free to follow us on twitter as well @AnttiMakikyro and @FinnishPartners.


(Picture above; from the monthly Norsk-Finsk handelsforening at the Finnish Embassy in Oslo last week in March)

Finnish Partners stories

Happy to start this newsletter saying that suppliers are needed in Norway. We have been requested to urgently find suppliers in following categories in construction so please let us know if you are interested to participate. One project is closing soon but these categories are needed for the future projects as well.

(Supplier Categories in Finnish and Norwegian below)

Norjalainen iso rakennusliike etsii projektiin pikaisesti alihankkijoita seraaviin kategorioihin:

  • Katon välilevyjä
  • Huonekaluja ja sisustus
  • Metalleja, paneelit ja kaiteet
  • Data lattiat

Norjaksi alla.


Som nevnt, ser vi etter leverandører for:

  • Baffelhimlinger
  • Møbler og interiør
  • Metaller, Paneler og rekkverk
  • Datagulv

This week we have also construction suppliers Piiroinen and GBuilder visiting potential clients and projects in Norway, so looking forward to a great week ahead. Construction companies are also looking for suppliers to all subcategories mentioned on our website. So construction industry is currently really active and we are planning to do the same in other industries as well.

Last week I had a chance to met an electronic components supplier who said that the current situation in offshore industry is actually affecting their business in a very positive way too. This is because quite many new technologies are brought into Offshore industry. This means that in challenging times there are always new great opportunities coming up for other related industry suppliers.

IMG_20160312_205804Besides business, Oslo has been very busy town with the biathlon world championships and a big boat exhibition in the last week. Now it seems like the whole country is preparing for the Easter break too. So just a reminder that don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from Norwegian companies in the next couple of weeks. Most probably the majority of them are on the mountains enjoying skiing.:-)

When you are planning your visits to Norway, don’t forget to check out other conference or Networking events, such as  oil&gas or in construction industry.

Have a great week!


Hot news of the week:

Statoil offering a leaving package to all who wants to quit

Oil funded made 334 billion profit 2015

Goliat is finally producing at Barents sea

Interesting top 10 Norwegian export companies nominated

Oil technology company growing rapidly in the middle of crisis times

Business Opportunities and the latest contracts from different industries:


New orders – updated order list on Norwegian Yards.

230 people lose their job at COSL due to Statoil contract-termination

Triple contract for Boa-ship

Finally confirmed- Leiv Eirikson will drill for Lundin

CCB and Logiteam work together for Subsea services

Rebuilding 6 cranes on Gullfaks rig


Powertech sold to Broadnet


Cowi is projecting Beitstadsundbroa

HENT builds Aukra care center

Christie & Opsahl are going to build a new ferry-quay in Liabygda

Skanska sign a deal to build out Skogmo high school

Betonmast transform protected office building into student apartments


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