What a year!

December 18, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

What a year! This can definitely be said about 2016 and things that have been happening during the last eight months with Finnish Partners.

We have been delighted to work with many great companies and to develop a strong network between Finnish and Norwegian industries. Individual successful projects have been delivered in the market and some interesting investments are going into Finland, and more will come.

ONS exhbition in Stavanger was one of the biggest events during 2016. Next year you definitely have to remember Norshipping, Offshore Technology days and Bygg Reis Deg – construction exhibitions.

The concept of building the network of Finnish companies in one cluster is exactly how the market wants to see it.  We have been very successful within the construction industry and we are going to make this to happen in other industries as well. The network within construction sector in Norway is working very well and we are looking for more Finnish suppliers and subcontractors that are interested expanding into Norwegian market. In the other hand we are actively recruiting more resources to work with us towards oil&gas industry in Stavanger and other areas and also towards marine industry on the west coast of Norway.

We are certain that Finnish offshore and maritime industry will get even better access to the market and this is already happening now. During the first two months of next year we are visiting the yards on the west coast of Norway with some of our offshore/maritime clients to kick off the year of 2017 on full speed.

Furthermore, on the 1st of February, we are going to organize a construction event in Oslo, where our construction industry clients get to meet the Norwegian buyers, architects and developers. This will be a great opportunity to meet with the main players from the industry and we are happy to introduce our clients to the construction market.

Norwegian construction industry procurement segments and Finnish Partners current clients. We are looking for suppliers and subcontractors in these categories for Norwegian buyers.

The technology from Finland has a big interest in Norway, therefore we are working closely to develop the presence in to the market as well. The latest event together with Business Oulu in Oslo was very successful and Norwegian companies are interested seeing what Finland has to offer. During the last a couple of years we have seen a lot of interest from Finnish technology companies towards Norway and they have usually succeeded too. By saying this I have not actually seen even one Finnish company not succeeding in Norway when they have established their market entry in the proper way. The market is growing, high purchasing power, rich economy, low unemployment, construction industry is said to be the new oil, and even offshore industry seeing many new high investments and developments….. and Norwegians enjoy spending their money, so what more can you expect! I would definitely say that this is brilliant situation to be in, and a golden opportunity to be part of!

Norsk-Finsk handelsforening is a great networking place for Finnish companies in Norway and the Christmas dinner was stylish this year as well.

I had a link earlier to some of our great companies that we have had a pleasure working with this year. On top of that we would like to thank The Embassy of Finland in Oslo, Business OuluMiksei Mikkeli, Savonlinnan Yrityspalvelu, Design from Finland, Finpro, Turku Science Park, Ecca Nordic, Arctic Business Forum for organising some great events that we have been involved during the year. These are great opportunities to meet businesses and build networks for the future cowork and we would like to organise these together with all of you as well.

Finnish Partners is also developing our own business platform all the time and we are now adding all interesting projects from construction and offshore/maritime industry into our database. Our clients will get a full access to these and they can pick up the most interesting ones to be part of. The latest news from the market are still being posted on our websites so please follow those and let us know if there are something for you.

Thank you for these months during 2016 and lets make 2017  even better!

“Måtte julen gi dere den beste avslutningen på året, og bane vei for en ny start og et godt samarbeid også på det nye året. 

De aller beste ønsker om en fantastisk juletid og et GODT NYTT ÅR fra alle oss i Finnish Partners. “

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!